Mostaganem University
The Writing Centre

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 Dr. B.A. Neddar post-graduated from the Institute of Education, University of London where he was supervised by Henry Widdowson , Guy Cook and Catherine Wallace. He is currently a lecturer at the Department of English, University of Mostaganem. Besides his teaching position, he is a joint Magister coordinator and holds the position of Vice dean of the Faculty of Arts and Literature. Not only does he run the Intensive Centre of Languages, but he also partcipates in the development of the Writing Centre at the same university. His fields of interest are: Interlanguage Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis and Stylistics and the Teaching of Literature.  Dr. Neddar has got several articles published in ‘La Revue Maghrebine des Langues’, ‘Peter Lang’ and ‘Synergie Algerie’ all dealing with current issues in the field of English language teaching.